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2300 Golden Dragon Bus Delivered To Saudi Arabia

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  November 25, another batch of Golden Dragon passenger ship sent to Saudi Arabia in Xiamen. Up to now, Saudi Arabia in 2016 has been purchasing 450 Jinlong bus. In the "area along the way" strategy for three years, Saudi Arabia has been the cumulative purchase of 2,300 Jinlong bus.

  Last year, 1060 Jinlong school bus delivered to Saudi Arabia, the highest in 2015 China's largest passenger car exports alone. A year later, these vehicles in the local operation in good condition, by operating companies and passengers of the wide acclaim, but also to "buy only the best" of the Saudi local tyrants are more recognized on the dragon brand. This year, in addition to additional "classic models" school bus orders, group travel and high-end passenger bus is also favored by customers.

  Early in 2015, the Saudi Ministry of Education for the national primary and secondary school uniform procurement of school buses, Jinlong was one of the first batch of 80 orders. After delivery of the batch of orders, Jinlong school bus to perfect the quality and technical strength, excellent cost-effective and good after-sales service, to the operators left a deep impression. Therefore, in the follow-up 1060 school bus tender, Jinlong bus won all orders in one fell swoop. Now, "sitting dragon go to school", has become the norm of many Saudi students.

  Foreign no spring, but the Saudi Hajj! Its flow density is no less than the spring. Every year in October, more than 300 million Muslims gather from all over the world holy city of Mecca to participate in the pilgrimage. It is worth mentioning that many of them are sitting in the bus to the holy city of China! Each year, the Ministry of Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia will announce the annual Mecca pilgrimage transport service company's comprehensive evaluation of the position, by the Golden Dragon bus products and after-sales service of transportation companies, the basic sweep of the list of the top five each year!

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