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30 Unit Yutong Luxury Buses Delivery To The Shou Qi Group

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Silver-gray large body, mixed with the flagship of the first steam group of birds pattern painting, a row of rows of beautiful luxury passenger cars in the sun particularly eye-catching. On the morning of August 4, 2017, Yutong Bus and the FAW Group were held in Beijing. Yutong Group Party Secretary Mr Li Yuanzheng to the chief executive vice president of the FAW Group submitted a symbol of vehicle delivery "golden key". The 30 Yutong ZK6906H5Y luxury bus delivery is completed, the first steam group in Beijing already has more than 900 buses, which Yutong has become the company's largest share of one of the bus brands.

   "This is not only the recognition and trust of Yutong Bus quality, but also the two units of the first steam group and Yutong Bus to work together again." This is not only the recognition and trust of Yutong Bus quality. As mentioned by the executive vice president of the FAW Group in the speech, the first steam group cooperation with Yutong is not the first time.

   According to the China Bus Network to understand, this delivery of the first group of 30 Yutong Yutong ZK6119H5Y luxury passenger car is the sixth generation of medium-sized rear products, Yutong new generation of "star models" to maintain the "super wide" and "super high" advantage DNA, continuous optimization of NVH, ride comfort, fuel consumption, light weight, space optimization, ease of maintenance, ease of operation and operational stability. The vehicle is equipped with Yutong's unique vehicle mute technology, blue core fuel-efficient system and increased cruise speed, to further enhance the fuel economy on the basis of the driving operation more convenient.

   "The 30 luxury buses for the acquisition of the first steam group on the Yutong bus and bus products have more understanding.I am for the harvest and Yutong bus friendship and feel happy, but also wish this friendship to build the first steam tourism new The image to bring more fruitful results. "As Gao Jie said in his speech, with the 30 Yutong luxury bus officially put into operation, these fine models and the original fleet of the original steam group together to build the first steam Boutique service lines, the first steam group "quality, personalized, diversified" service concept extends further, as through the streets of the capital of a "Yutong scenery."

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