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Adjusting Your Bus Seat So It Fits You

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Bus drivers come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, the bus seat(HC-B-16072)needs to be adjusted to fit each driver as much as possible. Here are a few ways to help make the seat fit better for you:

1. Adjust your seat so it is comfortable when you sit in it and so that your feet can touch the pedals.

2. Sit in a neutral posture to support your spine – keep your neck and back straight.

3. If the seat pan has an angle adjustment, tilt it slightly forward to maintain the lumbar curve when reaching or leaning forward.

4. If the seat back has an outward curve, adjust the seat’s height so the curve fits your low back.

5. Try various seat angles until it feels comfortable.

6. If there is a gap between your spine and the back of the seat, try placing a rolled-up towel or back cushion there to provide you lumbar support.

7. Use a back and seat support cushion to provide pressure/vibration relief.


Other activities to help with your comfort:

• Be sure to flex and stretch your muscles daily, including your feet, to keep your muscles mobile.

• Between stop-overs, get up and move around to flex and stretch your muscles.

• Change positions of your hands on steering wheel.

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