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Algerian bus market study report

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Algeria's bus market is divided into: inter-city bus, city bus is not urban and rural, rural passenger cars, coach market is still in its infancy.       (1) city bus. Mainly for the transport of passengers between cities. Algeria airport, the ticket price is low, and by the impact of a small number of terrorists, long-distance passenger transport is not developed, only during the day operation. At present, the city bus to more than 45 and more bus-based, most of the aging vehicles, are mainly imported second-hand bus and the main bus, the main brands are Kesi Bauer, Mercedes-Benz, Scania , Man, Volvo, SNVI and so on. Bus is expected to total about 1,200 vehicles, the annual demand in the following 100. As the national policy prohibits the import of second-hand bus, the new car prices are high, so after the main by the SNVI meet the market demand.       (2) city bus. City bus: mainly used for passenger transport on the main road in the city. The car length of 8.5m or more to SNVI production 70 and 100 seats (including station seats) of the car, in addition to some Belgian VANHOOL company 12m 3 bus. The current bus ownership of about 2,500, all by the SNV, production, it is estimated that the long-term market demand will increase to about 400.       City CMB: is the main vehicle transport between urban areas. To Japan's Isuzu two-door 7m car and Nissan double door 7m car-based, in addition to the previous imports of 13 Peugeot small CMB (part of the van from the conversion), nearly 2 years of imports of 18 +6 Kia , Modern and Toyota cars. Vehicle ownership of about 20,000 1000, medium and long term market demand in 1500 or so.       City, urban and rural areas CMB: is the short distance between the town and the transport between urban and rural mainstream models. To 13 of the Peugeot, 18 +6 Kia, modern-based, in addition to Isuzu, Toyota, Nissan cars and so on. The estimated number of buses in the 13,300 or so, the average annual demand is estimated at 1000 or more.

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