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Ankai "China Red" takes you to New Zealand

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Recently, Ankai bus overseas market and then pass the good news. Following the popular United States, Britain, France, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and other countries, Ankai double-decked open-top tourist car usher in a new breakthrough, the first landing in New Zealand.

The vast expanse of green fields, the peculiar volcanic plateau, the majestic Rua Peihu Mountain, the well-known Lauri Panshan Railway ... ... in the future, echoed with New Zealand beauty, from Ankai's "Chinese Red" - double-deck convertible sightseeing Car, will also become a local tourist sightseeing "suction gold" magic for the global tourists to bring comfort, fun travel experience.

A new breakthrough, "China Red" tour dazzle the United States and New Zealand

As the island of the Pacific southwest, New Zealand is a beautiful and natural landscape with three world heritage sites, 14 national parks, three ocean parks, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological areas. It is a famous tourist country in the world. "Along the way" initiative, the Chinese merchandise exports important partners.

As the first developed country to negotiate and sign an agreement with China to carry out bilateral free trade agreements, New Zealand is an important fulcrum in China's globalization process. March 27, 2017, "the Government of the People's Republic of China and the New Zealand government on strengthening the" one way along the road "cooperation arrangements for the memorandum" grand sign, but also to China's bus exports brought great business opportunities.

As we all know, China's bus exports with high product standards, technical and strong, high adaptability requirements. In the country "area along the way" initiative, the Chinese bus exports are experiencing a great opportunity period. Data show that from January to June 2017 China's large passenger car exports grew rapidly, the number of exports reached 8900, an increase of 61.33%, a larger growth rate.

In 2017, Ankai bus into the international road to speed, good news.



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