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Auto Headlamp Type

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   With the continuous development of auto headlamp, it has become a means to demonstrate individuality and grades. Now many consumers are increasingly concerned about the configuration of headlights when they choose to buy a car. Then there are several types of car headlights. Introduce four car headlights. In general has below 4 types:

  1. Halogen headlamp(HC-B-1474-1)

It is the most universal type,because its price is cheap.When at night,if you see the bright light is yellow,the best possible it is halogen headlamp.

From the effect point of view, the halogen headlights are warm yellow because of the low color temperature. In the darkness of the light, the yellowish halogen lamp is not as conspicuous as the xenon lamp, but it is satisfactory for normal use at night. The biggest advantage of halogen lamps is their strong penetrating ability. In the case of heavy fog and low visibility of heavy rain, the penetrating power of halogen lamps is far higher than other products with high color temperatures.


2. Xenon headlamp(HC-B-1489)

Xenon headlamps are currently the most popular form of car lights in high-end cars. Because the brightness of Xenon lamps is relatively high, they are usually equipped with lenses. The light emitted from them is very focused, so they are loved by everyone and the colors are also comparable. Unlike ordinary halogen lamps, the light is white.

Xenon lamps use high-voltage currents to stimulate light emission, so they last longer than halogen lamps and have better energy-saving effects. And the brightness is greatly increased by 300% compared to halogen lamps. However, because of the high technology, the cost of production is much more expensive than that of halogen lamps. But its brightness still makes many people like it.

3, LED headlamp(HC-B-1003-2)

In addition to the above two types of headlights, LED headlights are increasingly entering the eyes of people, but hearing that LED may be more thought of is a beautiful daytime driving lights, in fact, this has many advantages The light source has become an increasingly popular choice for automotive headlamp lighting.

The features of energy saving, environmental protection, durability, small size, and instant lighting all make it a choice for car headlights. However, at present, due to structural and cost constraints, it can only be applied to some high-end vehicles.


4, laser headlamp

The laser headlight sounds full of sense of technology. Although the laser headlights have not yet been assembled on any production car, BMW and Audi, two brands that are good at playing lights, have announced that the headlights will In 2014, we assembled a production car, so the laser headlights seemed to be getting closer and closer to us.

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