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Bonluck Luxury Bus Exports 32 Countries and Regions

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On the streets of Las Vegas, pure white high-end bus ride; in the UAE's Dubai campus, the yellow campus shuttle bus Is waiting at the door; in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guilin, Nanchang streets, blue and white city bus back and forth shuttle ... ... these speeding bus, have a common name - "Bonluck”

As the first batch of Jiangxi to respond to the "one side of the road," the call of the industry pioneer, in recent years, 100 routes good bus overseas market development success. 100 road good success to the bus exports to the United States, Australia and other 32 countries and regions.

   By the end of this year, we expect production to reach a thousand units, with total sales of 420 million yuan, is expected to reach 5-8 billion within three years." Li Han said, take advantage of "along the way" national strategy, 100 way good in Southeast Asia The traditional bus market has with Thailand, Vietnam and other countries signed a batch order project, while high-end new passenger car products are also exported to Europe and the United States.


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