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Car headlight failure

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  General of car Qian as lamp are is used has four lamp business of, and this four lamp business of car Qian as lamp fault main reasons General are is using had power of bulb and led to fault; certainly, also has many owners is buy has market Shang of some quality poor of bulb to replaced, led to w number insufficient; also has part is to makes Qian as lamp of w number more big, photometric more strong, deliberately for Shang power of bulb; these are is raised car Qian as lamp fault of reasons.
  Led headlamp failure reason is basically a light bulb used is not appropriate. Some owners alike, but the fact is: these practices can result in other parts of the car damage. For example, the lights burn out, battery damage, more serious may result in conducting wire short circuit caused by car bombs, so we need to seriously deal with car headlights failed, in case of accidents from happening.

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