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Fault detection of car headlights

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  Check out lamp bulb is burnt out failure is an extremely quick and simple job, however, the maintenance of a comprehensive system of exterior lighting is not so simple. Maintain exterior lighting is essential for drivers, because it not only affects the comfort of driving, but also directly related to traffic safety. Usually be reminded before, owner is hard to realize that headlights, taillights, turn signals or the headlights no longer work properly. By the way, replace burned out light bulb is a very simple DIY lighting system costs less than the depot for maintenance fees.
  In many cases, lights failure not just of the bulb is burnt out, corrosion of the socket or the plug damaged, this kind of problem often require specialized diagnostic techniques to analyze the root cause of the failure. Even those low-priced car, its interior and exterior lighting is controlled by a host computer. The luxury cars, only the headlights controlled by 3 computers.

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