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Foton wins the largest pure electric bus order in Egypt

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On October 30th, Beijing time, Foton Automobile Overseas Market re-transmitted the news, Foton Automobile and the Egyptian government 50 pure electric bus order delivery ceremony and the Futian Egypt New Energy Bus Territory manufacturing cooperation project was inaugurated in Cairo, Egypt. According to the plan, the delivery of Futian Ouhui pure electric bus will be used in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to improve the traffic in the new old town. Foton Motor will conduct local production of pure electric buses in Egypt and provide related manufacturing and new energy technologies. The project has been included in the list of China-Egypt capacity cooperation key projects, which will become a model for Egypt's cooperation in automobile production capacity. While promoting the development of the Egyptian electric vehicle industry, it will also bring economic and social value to Egypt's industrial support. As the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Egyptian government said, the project will bring a new industrial revolution to the technological development of the electric vehicle manufacturing industry in Egypt.(HC-B-1136)

         As the fastest-growing country in the Arab region, the Egyptian government is vigorously developing the national economy, advocating new energy and technology applications, aiming to introduce industrial systems while reducing fuel consumption and promoting the development of the Egyptian electric vehicle industry. The new energy automobile market has undoubtedly become a reliable boost for Egypt to develop a new energy automobile industry. In April this year, during the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation summit forum of Egyptian President Seyce, the Egyptian government’s military production department and the territorial partners visited Foton Automobile Group and signed the Foton Ouhui pure electric bus procurement and territories at the headquarters of Foton Motor Group. Memorandum of cooperation on new energy manufacturing cooperation projects.  Since 2006, Foton Motor has entered the Egyptian market and has accumulated more than 12,000 products. It is worth mentioning that the total number of fans of Foton Egypt's Facebook account is about 300,000, which has become the "net red" level of the local commercial vehicle brand in Egypt. It also reflects the popularity and recognition of the Foton brand in the Egyptian market.  Currently, it has hybrid power, pure electric power, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. Complete technical reserves, and have already carried out verification of pilot technologies such as autonomous driving and intelligent network. Foton Motor will actively participate in the cooperation to help Egypt's territorial manufacturing and new energy vehicle industry development, and make Egypt the core market of Foton Motor in West Asia and North Africa. In response to China's “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Foton Motor established the China-Africa Foton Investment Co., Ltd. in 2018 with the China-Africa Capacity Cooperation Fund and the China-Africa Development Fund, and created the Futian China-Africa Investment Platform. The more open model and the territorial partners set up joint ventures/sole proprietorships in Africa, and deepen the manufacturing, sales and service of territories in the African market. The Egyptian project is an important part. With the completion of the first new energy bus manufacturing project in Foton Automobile in Egypt, the industrialization layout of Foton Motor in the African market is also becoming more and more perfect.(HC-B-12396)

The Foton Egypt new energy delivery is the best proof of Chinese new energy technology going to the world. With the completion of Foton Egypt's new energy bus manufacturing cooperation project, Foton Motor will support the development of Egypt's territorial manufacturing and new energy industry through new energy technologies and equipment, following the Futon Piaggio European manufacturing project.

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