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Help "Belt and Road" to open a measure of China's border journey

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On August 1, the theme propaganda activity of "One Belt and One Road," a land border cruise held by the China Communications News Agency, hosted by the Ministry of Transport, was officially launched at the Heihe Port on the Sino-Russian border. The high-end brand from China Bus - Ankai Baosong became the only officially designated car for this event, escorting participants and the Central Media delegation and witnessing the achievements of China's land border development.

Strategic Belt and Road Initiatives

With the "One Belt, One Road" strategy in-depth promotion, the tourism resources of land ports will be further developed. With the goal of peaceful development and win-win cooperation, it is imperative to find a scientific and efficient transportation scheme and actively develop economic and cooperative partnership with countries along the line. Against this backdrop, the transport industry has exerted a fist to participate in the strategic process of "One Belt and One Road".

At the launching ceremony, two 7m VIP Business Buses docking at Yankei attracted visitors' attention. This is exactly what Ankasi Stone, the leader of 7-meter commercial bus in China. It turned out that during the promotion, as the official official vehicle, escorting the media interviews and the leaders of the Central Media participating in the interview, together with them, they measured the borderline of the motherland and interviewed them on the "Belt and Road, Strategic background of the port city channel Unicom, passenger and freight transport, industrial parks, international channel industry management and so on.

Strength escort Baosteel opened the measurement of the border line trip

The land crossings are an important node for interconnection and interoperability between our country and the neighboring countries. It is also an important hub of the modern integrated transport service system and one of the core components of the "Belt and Road". At the launching ceremony, Xu Wenqiang, deputy director of the Department of Transportation Services of the Ministry of Transport, introduced that the total length of China's land borderline is 22,800 km, bordering 14 countries such as Mongolia and Russia. As of 2013, China has opened 287 international passenger and freight transportation lines with 70 pairs of border crossings with 14 neighboring countries, of which 136 are passenger lines and 151 freight lines with a total length of nearly 40,000 km and the longest line exceeds 2000 km.

At the just-concluded kick-off ceremony, Ankai Bus and its service team won the high praise from host organizers and the Central Media Delegation. Next, the company will continue to escort the leaders and media involved in the event, leading them to work together across multiple terrain and across the country to educate consumers across the country on the stability and reliability of their high-quality charms.

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