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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle ---The bright spot of Shanghai New Energy Auto Show on 23th August

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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle--The bright spot of Shanghai New Energy Auto Show on 23th August 

   At present, the future of the three major automotive development direction includes: new energy vehicles, automatic driving cars and flying cars. Flying cars seems cannot be achieved in our generation of time. However, the new energy vehicles and automatic driving car is the most popular topic now.  

   The competition between new energy vehicles, in fact, is mainly between pure electric vehicles and hybrid cars.Hydrogen fuel vehicles, as the traditional car "perfect alternative" , has always been particularly low-key. Until this year, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle finally re-enter people's vision.

considered "future energy”, Hydrogen has a high efficiency, rich sources, wide range of advantages. It can fill the fuel tank within 3-5 minutes. Compared with the traditional power car and pure electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is more sustainable, more efficient, endurant.

       Now Yutong, Fukuda, Zhongzhi, Wuzhou Long and other large car group  have technical reserves, and developed a finished product. On June 16-18th, at 2017 Shenzhen International New Energy Automotive Industry Expo, Wuzhou Long first published "F1 future" (Future) series 8.5 meters hydrogen fuel cell commuter car. The car uses a 30KW hydrogen fuel cell system with lithium iron phosphate battery (power type) hybrid technology line. The 5 minutes for hydrogenation ,has become a hot show on the show.

In addition, BYD, Shenlong bus, Zhuhai Yinlong, SAIC, Shangrao bus, Zhogntong, JAC, Geely, Zhongtai,  Nanjing Kinglong,  Ruichi new energy, New steam car and other new energy vehicles business, as well as jing-Jin electric,  Dongfeng Motor,Waters, Guoxuan Hi-Tech,  Ruixida and other core three electrical and parts well-known enterprises will debut this exhibition, and display the latest products and cutting-edge technology.

       The exhibition held for the new energy vehicles pure electric and fuel cell power products have a positive display, and promote the public on the pure electric and fuel cell power products awareness and understanding.

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