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Lube Market Decline Slowed Down Or Brewing A New Round Of Outbreak

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  This year is drawing to a close, the oil industry, the past 2016, although demand continues to decline, but the overall attitude to maintain a slow down, not as rapid decline as last year. This means that the oil industry has entered a period of adjustment, and is expected to brewing a new round of outbreaks.

  According to the Outlook Industry Research Institute released "China's oil industry market demand forecast report" data show that in 2014, China's total market demand for lubricants reached 7.6 million tons; by 2015, the total demand plummeted to 5.1 million, A big drop of 33%. This year the total demand for lubricating oil market is expected to be 5 million tons, down to 2%.

  A substantial decline in demand, oil companies have to make adjustments to deal with the industry suffered a major reshuffle. In this context, the oil industry had hidden one after another, a new transformation, transformation and baptism swept from. Lubricating oil industry will face a new market environment, the future to fully enhance the core technology, timely and accurate grasp of market trends.

  In summary, the oil industry outlook is still worth the wait. Despite the current sluggish market demand, but also happens to enhance the "internal strength" of the excellent opportunity. At the same time, technology for the industry as a consensus, lubricants enterprises in the brand, service, market and so on all-round competition, and thus ushered in a breakthrough from quantity to quality.

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