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Make a record! Higer win the largest order for China 's bus exports to Mexico

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On the morning of August 21, 2017, 222 Hyde bus export Mexican delivery ceremony was held in Suzhou, which is by far the largest volume order for Chinese bus brands to export to Mexico. Mexican Queretaro State Government Secretary-General, Ministry of Transport officials, customer representatives, Higer Mexican dealer members, as well as Suzhou Kinglong Higer bus general manager Huang Shuping attended the ceremony.

Mexico is a federal republic of North America, the north border with the United States, is a free market economy, economic strength ranked fourth in the Americas, the world thirteenth, with modern industry and agriculture, but also facing increasingly serious environmental pollution problem. Quettaro as an important city in Mexico, a high degree of concern for people's livelihood, attention to public transport, the bulk purchase of Higer Bus will greatly improve the local people's travel efficiency, while making an important contribution to energy conservation.

Higer is one of the most professional and well-known bus manufacturers in China, with modern production base, rich product line and high quality bus products. In the previous prototype test, Higer bus with excellent and stable operation performance and meticulous after-sales service to win the trust of customers, and ultimately reached the Chinese bus brand in the world stage again brilliant debut - 222 Higer bus exports Mexico.

The export of 222 Higer CNG gas buses in Mexico, including 9 meters and 12 meters in length, will be based on line and passenger traffic, all into the local bus operations, improve the local travel environment, serving the people of the city and from around the world Of the tourists.

Queretaro is known as the "Mexican vegetable basket" reputation, the state of Queretaro is a well-known tourist city, very focused on green. The vehicles use CNG gas engine, can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, protect the local environment, reduce transportation costs. Before the local long-term US second-hand vehicles and high-floor front bus, 222 Hague bus put into operation, will greatly improve the urban public transport environment, to promote the local public transport green play a positive role in the level of travel.

2004 Higer bus to open the international road. In 2006, Hagar buses exported Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Venezuela, Peru, the United States and Russia and other countries, including the Russian ownership of 3,000 units, Saudi Arabia 4000, Qatar, Algeria 5000, the rapid growth in market share. At present, Higer has sold more than 100 countries and regions, overseas ownership exceeded 3 million units. Higer and Sweden Scania cooperation in the production of high-end passenger cars have been exported to the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, more than 40 countries and regions, covering 27 countries in the EU, China's high-end passenger car exports leader. In recent years, Higer also followed the national "area along the way" initiative, new energy bus has been entered into Israel, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria and other countries.

"The delivery of 222 rounds of orders is a new impetus for Higer's overseas performance sprints and has created favorable conditions for future expansion." In the future, Higer will continue to Hui-lead machine 'brand advocates, is committed to technological innovation to drive products continue to upgrade, with excellent product quality and service to consolidate long-term cooperation and win-win situation, and write a new chapter in the internationalization of Higer bus, and to enhance the world's green public travel Level contribution to a Chinese force.


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