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Home / News / New Year! Golden Dragon Luxury buses export to UAE!

New Year! Golden Dragon Luxury buses export to UAE!

Views:6     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-01      Origin:Site

2019 is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Afghanistan. The export of this batch of vehicles to the United Arab Emirates is a testimony to the friendship between China and Argentina. At the same time, the UAE is an important country in the “Belt and Road” initiative. This cooperation represents another important achievement of China-Arab cooperation along the Belt and Road. After more than ten years of deep cultivation,Golden dragon Bus has been at the forefront of the market share in the UAE, and it has jumped to the top in 2018.(HC-B-14247)

As early as 2007, Golden dragon has taken the lead in entering the market. In 2010, Golden dragon Bus received orders from the transportation company of the UAE government and became the first Chinese brand passenger car purchased by the company. In recent years, Golden dragon Bus has continued to participate in the construction of public transportation in the UAE, realizing the first time that Chinese buses have entered the UAE public transport sector. In 2018, the company won the batch of school bus orders from the largest school bus operating company in the UAE, and the Chinese bus entered the UAE re-tree milestone. The UAE is a microcosm of the success of Golden dragon Bus's overseas market. In recent years, despite the lack of growth in the world economy, Golden dragon Bus has followed the national strategy, and overseas exports have maintained 10,000-level sales, leading the industry. In particular, the performance along the Belt and Road market is eye-catching, and it has achieved friendly cooperation with more than 60 countries along the Silk Road, including Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt and Russia. It has become the most extensive and perfect layout for the Chinese bus industry in the “Belt and Road” market. Bus company.(HC-B-12488)

In 2018, under the unfavorable overall environment, it achieved contrarian growth. Over 10,239 vehicles were exported throughout the year, ranking first in the industry. Overseas sales were about 1.9 billion yuan, a significant increase year-on-year. The highlights of various markets are frequent: In terms of large and medium-sized passengers, 2017 and 2018 Jinlong buses ranked first in the export of Chinese bus companies in the West Asia region for two consecutive years. Among them, in addition to the UAE market, Saudi Arabia is also among the best in the market, and exports more than 700 vehicles. The Kuwaiti market opened the deadlock and the Chinese double-decker bus entered Kuwait for the first time. In the traditional strategic market, Thailand’s export sales also ranked first in the industry. The emerging markets have achieved outstanding results, and they have received large-scale orders from foreign aid to realize the first batch export of Chinese buses to Papua New Guinea. The export vehicles are the only passenger car brands, which successfully serve the high-profile 2018 APEC Summit; in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Spain, Senegal, Bolivia, Chile and other markets are among the highest in the industry. It also performed well in light passenger exports and continued to maintain its position as a leader in the industry in Bolivia and Egypt.

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