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  • In 2017, in the extension and promotion of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, Yutong once again created “China Pride” with action and achieved a refreshing achievement. It is worth noting that it is “net red” in the world bus field.


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  • On March 14, 2018, FlixBus, Germany’s largest inter-city bus operator, announced on the 13th that it will start trials in France and Germany in April 2018 for long-distance passenger transport using pure electric vehicles. This will be the first route in Europe. According to German media reports, Fl


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  • On February 1, 20 units Zhongtong buses went through Tongjiang Pass and officially entered Khabarovsk, Russia. According to the bus maker, it has already signed a sales agreement with the city for the 200 units buses. The rest 180 units will be delivered to their customer in Russia.


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  • From May 2014, Yukon E7's "birth", to become a single-seater electric vehicle sales king, which has been leading the popularity of new energy bus acceleration. This is not, Haikou Meilan International Airport has gradually purchased 10 Yutong E7, responsible for the ferry work at the airport high in


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  • Recently, the delivery ceremony of Trinidad and Tobago for 35 Higer buses was held in the production base of Hagrid Park.


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