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Home / News / Yutong Production Volume Reached 41,923 Units from Jan to Sep,2019

Yutong Production Volume Reached 41,923 Units from Jan to Sep,2019

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On October 9, Zhengzhou-based Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. revealed that its production volume of various types of buses reached 41,923 units from January to September this year, down by 2.14% year on year. In the same period, its sales volume stood at 39,541 units, up by 6.57% year on year. For more detailed information, please refer to Table 1 below.

Table 1: Yutong’s Production & Sales Volume of Buses from January to September

ProductionGrowth RateSalesGrowth Rate
Large buses16,899 units-5.35%16,936 units1.69%
Medium buses18,383 units4.96%18,643 units12.12%
Small buses5,744 units-12.37%6,561 units4.83%


Table 2: Yutong’s Production & Sales Volume of Buses in September

ProductionGrowth RateSalesGrowth Rate
Large buses1,771 units-44.24%1,411 units-51.78%
Medium buses1,810 units-34.77%1,591 units-25.76%
Small buses528units-39.24%644 units-23.06%


This year, Yutong has greatly strengthened its efforts in developing and marketing T7, CL6, CL7, recreational vehicles, autonomous driving vehicles and city buses and coaches for the high-end overseas market. On September 6, it won 2019 China Intelligent Electric Vehicle Technological Innovation Award, showcasing the full recognition it has gained in the emerging intelligent vehicle field.

On September 19, 10 units Yutong Ice12 electric buses started operation on Europe’s first electric bus intercity route in Aix, Provence, France. Under the operation of Transdev, these buses have ushered a greener era of public transportation in Europe.

Also in September, Yutong T7 served as the carrier at the awarding ceremonies for China National Medals and China National Titles of Honor at People’s Hall in Beijing.

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