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Yutong Security Solutions To create a new benchmark for school bus services

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    July 7, the annual Yutong school bus summer peak forum held in Zhengzhou, Henan. Yutong in the field of school bus has been working for many years. In 2008, Yutong Bus launched the first "big nose" engine front professional school bus; in 2010, the first school bus special mandatory national standard "special school bus school bus safety technical conditions" the formal implementation of the school bus, , Yutong bus involved in the development; 2011, Yutong Bus Chairman Tang Yuxiang in the year of the two sessions proposed school bus proposal. So far, Yutong bus in the professional school bus market share of the first, but these are not the ultimate goal of Yutong Bus, to create a safe operation environment for Chinese school bus is Yutong bus expectations.

    At the forum, Yutong Bus introduced the school bus safety solution including safety products, safety management, safety education and worry-free service. It is committed to creating the whole school chain school bus security for school bus operators. In order to create a more secure special school bus, Yutong school bus from the parts selection, structural design verification, production technology, to the factory before the strict quality control and intelligent auxiliary driving system applications, attaches great importance to school bus reliability and security. At present, Yutong school bus has covered 5 meters to 11 meters, 19 to 56 full range of products, from children to primary and secondary students to meet the demand. Yutong school bus is also equipped with a more intelligent upgrade version of "security core" system, combined with service needs, profitability, security regulatory needs, to provide vehicle monitoring, student travel statistics, student dynamic query and many other functional services. In addition, Yutong bus in various places around the "school bus safety lecture hall" activities, and constantly enhance the safety awareness, and further improve the safety of students and escape skills.


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