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Yutong’s promotion for the passenger car industry upgrade

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China 's new energy automotive industry in the Government' s policies to promote the superposition, has made rapid development. China Auto Association data show that in 2016 China's new energy vehicle sales reached 50.7 million, results gratifying. But the results are still hidden behind a lot of problems. The core technology has not yet been broken, the enterprise scale and light innovation, rely on subsidies and other issues are still more prominent. In January 14, 2017, China electric car hundred people forum (2017) held in Beijing, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles core issues.

Domestic intelligent network of electric bus has completed a high-speed city, suburbs and other conditions, we have a test, the actual conditions of the test, from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng the actual test of the road, the successful completion.From the level of safety technology has also been a continuous improvement, including the collision, including the relevant master and passive safety.From the energy-saving emission reduction effect, a 12-meter hybrid bus each year to reduce PM2.5 emissions of 2.4 kg, 118 kg of nitrogen oxides, 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Including pure electric whole is a very good effect.

With the reduction of carbon intensity of 40% -45% of the target, the state has adopted a related promotion policy. The development trend of the whole industry chain can be seen, from raw materials to the back of the infrastructure services, the whole are in continuous improvement and development. Of course, we are also facing challenges, China's new energy bus technology R & D and marketing to achieve although the first-mover advantage, but compared with foreign mainstream companies, we in basic research, vehicle development, etc. there is a gap, China In the new energy automotive industry on the full force may bring a new pattern, but also attracted the attention of the developed countries and a high degree of attention. We must increase investment in research and development of new energy bus to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading.

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