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Yutong writes Chinese pride in the world market

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It is understood that since 2004, Yutong bus exports for many years ranked first in the industry. Yutong has been able to export to more than 40 countries - in the alpine Russia, Yutong Bus designed high-power, independent plumbing; in the dry hot Saudi Arabia, in particular, to strengthen the air conditioning design; In Israel, according to the driver's body to increase the driving seat space; in Kazakhstan oil and gas-rich areas, launched a natural gas passenger car to meet the local environmental needs. In 2015, Yutong has made the European high-end market, the largest supplier of global passenger capacity to be invited to participate in the 23rd annual meeting of the French Bus Federation, and the largest local transport companies to provide pure electric bus for trial operation ... ...


     Writing proud of China, all the way forward bravely, in the "all the way" building, Yutong is a step by step to achieve the global dream of China's bus industry.

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