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Zhongtong enter in high-end bus market oversea,Revenue will increase 268%

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Recently,from Zhongtong bus (HC-B-25040) company news,38 12-meter high-end bus order from Philippines have arranged production,and can be used soon.They Will be all invested in the local long-distance travel passenger market.

At the same time,in Zhongtong (HC-B-1050) production line,is producing more than one hundred buses order from Saudi Arabia.Together with the finished 200 buses,only these 2 months,have load more than 300 buses to Saudi Arabia.The latest batch of hundreds of sets of orders for the Zhongtong Sega modeling high-end highway bus, will be used for local pilgrimage transport mission.


The above 2 orders ,indicated the oversea market for Zhongtong in 2017 year.According to statistics, from Jan to May,sales up 150%,sales revenue grew 268% year on year. In the domestic large passenger car market downturn under the premise of the bus in the overseas market usher in a comprehensive development, a strong support for the company's annual business objectives to complete.

In the last 2 orders,we also noted a detail: the export of high-end bus products become the common characteristics.In recent years in overseas markets, Zhongtong bus more attention to the development of high-end bus market. For example,to Philippines market,the market requirement is about more than 1000 buses,mainly for traveling and depend on imports.The market is not large,but has Hino, Nissan, Daewoo and many other Japanese , Korean brands,and also many brands which popular in China,Competition is very intense.

How to improve the brand image,to expand the market share?Under this situation,Zhongtong bus company is not fear,they study through the user habits and practical traffic conditions,improved the adaptability of related products.They also pay much effort in the comfort, reliability, safety and bus quality .Through the trial run and a strong service guarantee, in the bus to win the user's recognition. In recent years, China and Thailand passenger car exports from the early years of the product 8 meters, 9 meters mid-range car, more development into 11 meters, 12 meters and other high-end tourist bus, brand influence growing. It is reported that a few months before 2017, the passenger car exports of Philippine products accounted for 16.8% of the market, high-end market strategy initial results.

And the force of the Philippines high-end tourism market is similar to the end of April this year has just delivered the Ecuadorian market 50 double luxury bus. The order of the export, not only to refresh the local luxury bus in Ecuador, the number of one-time import records, but also in recent years, China's largest export orders for such models. It is worth mentioning that the order of the acquisition is in the bus and South America veteran bus business - Marco Polo direct PK after the results obtained, further strengthened the bus into the overseas luxury bus market determination.

And then return to the article mentioned at the beginning of the Saudi order, after, as one of the main overseas market in the bus, Saudi Arabia mainly to import bus, school bus and other models, and the latest access to hundreds of orders, all for the Pass 12 meters Sega modeling high-end road bus. Not only has a higher value-added single product, but also marks the bus in the perfect product line in Saudi Arabia, to enhance the brand reputation and product market competitiveness.

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