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Champion Quality Greening the World! Yutong pledges to guarantee Qatar's top events

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"Better Bus, Better Life", "Green Team for Champion", "Qatar, We are Ready", recently, Lai Yang bus station in Doha, Qatar ushered in a grand swearing-in meeting, Yutong Qatar event service guarantee team Members made a solemn oath, expressing that they will go all out to complete the public transport service guarantee work during the World Cup in Qatar at a high level. Wang Zhengbin, Manager of Yutong Qatar National Company, Gan Shaoying, Deputy Manager of Yutong  referred to as: M Company) customer representatives attended the oath meeting.

Yutong Bus Qatar World Cup Public Transport Service Guarantee

From China to the world, from "going overseas with products" to "going overseas with services", Yutong once again participated in the world's top competitions as a national bus brand, fully demonstrating the strong strength and influence of Chinese bus brands. The swearing-in meeting focused on the "four zeros" guarantee goals of "zero failures, zero safety accidents, zero breakdowns, and zero complaints", and further implemented various tasks in event services to demonstrate the hard power of the Yutong brand.

Standing firm in a foreign country, Yutong told the story of "Serving China" well in Qatar

From the beginning of 2022, Yutong's first batch of service guarantee personnel have been stationed in Qatar for nine months. From the first time they set foot on the land of Qatar, the service "pioneers" behind this "Chinese Green Army" have been refreshing the "China Green Army". Service" level. Serving the world's top races with a strong lineup of new energy buses, while making many breakthroughs in the industry, it also poses new challenges to Yutong's services.

Among them are the challenges of dry and hot climates to pure electric vehicles, the operational challenges faced by the establishment of on-site service stations, and the challenges of vehicle service guarantee for World Cup events. Based on the actual operation scenarios of the entire World Cup and the needs of Qatari customers, and considering the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Yutong has formed a huge service team with a total of 126 people, including from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. 65 elites drawn from all over the world including districts.

Yutong Bus Qatar World Cup Public Transport Service Guarantee

In line with the concept of "do not treat the battlefield as a proving ground, but treat the proving ground as a battlefield", the Yutong Qatar event service guarantee team will go all out for each operation and drill of the customer, and review, summarize and improve after each operation Improve, and strive to provide the best guarantee for the upcoming events with the best service. After several months of trial operation simulation drills, Yutong's new energy buses have been affirmed and praised by M company and local people for their advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency, intelligence, and environmental protection.

With 888 new energy buses as a bridge, members of Yutong's overseas direct service team have truly integrated into their work and life in Qatar, and they have also confirmed the high level of "Chinese service" on the world stage!

The world is looking forward to a "green and low-carbon" World Cup, and Yutong is ready

With the goal of achieving the "four zeros" guarantee, Yutong's overseas direct service team has completed spare parts storage, maintenance and preventive maintenance inspections for all vehicles, and completed the training of more than 2,000 drivers at the same time to ensure The driver is proficient in the driving system of the pure electric vehicle. Before the opening of the World Cup, Yutong will also cooperate with M Company to conduct several simulation support drills to ensure the linkage guarantee of each scene. The drill is expected to last until the day before the start of the World Cup.

M Company, as the main operator of public transportation services in Qatar, has established a fleet of more than 800 pure electric buses, achieving more than 25% of the electrification rate of public transportation in this World Cup, and has also established M Company's leading position in the global new energy industry. Leadership in public transport. Ms. Rafah, representative of Company M, said, "The company has been committed to promoting the electrification strategy in the past four years, and this project is the first project in the strategy. I would like to thank the Yutong service team for their support to the company in the past few months and look forward to the upcoming World Cup We can get the support of Yutong in the next few years.”

Two years ago, Yutong and M Company jointly held a grand signing ceremony for the World Cup Bus Cloud. Two years later, Yutong’s service assurance team made a solemn oath for the upcoming World Cup. Wang Zhengbin, manager of Yutong’s Qatar National Company, expressed this Feeling very impressed, he said that Yutong has actively participated in the service of major international competitions for many years, and has the confidence and strength to guarantee the high-standard and high-quality implementation of this World Cup's service tasks.

Yutong Bus Qatar World Cup Public Transport Service Guarantee

Taking the opportunity of guaranteeing the public transportation services of this World Cup, Yutong and Qatar also carried out in-depth strategic cooperation to establish an electric bus factory in the Qatar Free Trade Zone. The development of the bus manufacturing industry provides technical support to help Qatar realize the transformation of green public transportation, becoming the first country in the Middle East, and even the world's first large-scale electrification of public transportation, and helping a major oil country to become a major electrification country.

Because of the love for football, the eyes of the world will focus on Qatar, and because of the adherence to the concept of "making green public travel benefit everyone", Yutong's pace of walking around the world will be more sonorous.

"Our service assurance goals for this World Cup are: zero breakdowns, zero safety accidents, zero breakdowns, and zero complaints," all members of the Yutong Qatar race service assurance team made a solemn oath under the leadership of Gan Shaoying, deputy manager of Yutong's Qatar National Company. The addition of 888 Yutong pure electric buses will surely bring about a green transportation revolution for the World Cup. As the "service fortress" of these buses, the Yutong Qatar race service guarantee team is ready to provide fans around the world with an unprecedented green travel experience.

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