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How did Yutong New Energy Bus win the trust of Qatar?

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 Green transformation promotes development, "big oil country" takes a solid step

This World Cup seems to be "different" from the preparation stage. Since the successful bidding, Qatar has invested a total of 229 billion U.S. dollars, which can be called the most "tremendous" in history, but how much money can Qatar receive for hosting the World Cup? According to Qatar's own estimates, only about $17 billion. The core of a country's hosting of large-scale international events is to strengthen and demonstrate the country's soft power, and to increase global attention through the event. On the other hand, it is to breed a new economic form through the World Cup. It can be seen from the series of actions taken in the "and" events that Qatar is completing the national industrial upgrading and transformation by hosting international events.

   Getting rid of dependence on traditional energy sources is the key to achieving economic transformation. To this end, Qatar has launched the "2030 National Vision" plan, the core of which is to build Qatar into a sustainable and internationally competitive country by 2030 through vigorously developing economic diversification. To achieve a balance between development needs and environmental protection, Qatar took the opportunity of hosting the 2022 World Cup to take another solid step towards green and low-carbon development and realize the transformation from a traditional energy power to a new energy power.

    Especially in the field of public travel, Qatar purchased 888 new energy buses from the Chinese enterprise Yutong to provide commuting green travel services for event-related staff, volunteers, and fans and friends around the world. The large-scale use of electric buses during the World Cup will help reduce carbon emissions during transportation, and is also a breakthrough in the transformation of Qatar's sustainable development. At the same time, this is the first time that pure electric vehicles have served the World Cup as the main force. After the World Cup, all Yutong new energy buses will also become an important part of Qatar's public transportation, serving Qatar's public transportation network.

    Zero breakthrough is the pride of Yutong and the glory of Made in China

Haoguihao, Qatar is not a local tyrant who "only buys the most expensive". What can impress them must be products and services that have long-term value and are suitable for local development. China's new energy buses can achieve a "zero" breakthrough in Qatar, representing " The participation of "Made in China" in the top international competitions has once again confirmed that China's new energy commercial vehicle companies represented by Yutong have already possessed world-leading technical strength.

    The reason why Yutong was able to break the impossible, let Qatar recognize new energy technology, and let new energy buses enter the gate of the "oil and gas power" is not only because of high-quality and reliable products and high-quality and efficient services, but also because of professionalism and satisfaction. The output of the "Yutong model" for actual needs has won the trust of the Qatari government.

As the most expensive World Cup in history, Qatar's "trench" is reflected in all aspects. The high-end configuration of Yutong's new energy products just meets Qatar's dual needs for product comfort and high-end performance. Yutong E11 adopts Yutong's new generation Yuwei bus model, from appearance design to interior configuration, all reflect the power of cutting-edge technology, the whole vehicle is equipped with AUS, ADAS system, dynamic liquid cooling, one-button start, air-conditioning air curtain, lighting Control and other functions, even if the external ambient temperature is higher than 50°C, the temperature inside the car can still be maintained at 22°C. The "big money" investment in the field of public transportation is enough to show Qatar's determination to host a "carbon neutral" event. The high-end configuration of the whole vehicle, the world's ultra-high-end new energy products.

     The Qatar World Cup is also a "World Cup" made in China. "Innovation, sustainability, and low carbon" are the concepts of this World Cup in Qatar, and this concept will also run through the entire event. The addition of 888 Yutong new energy buses illuminates the concept of sustainability in this mysterious desert country. The hardcore appearance of "Made in China" in the world's top competitions is not only the epitome of China's new energy vehicles "going global", but also a powerful footnote for China's new energy technology strength to be recognized internationally.

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