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The people of the Qatar praise the Chinese bus,in the World Cup are full of Chinese elementsstars!

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At night, the big screen on the streets of Duoha City was counting down for the opening battle. At the bottom of the screen, the bus drove by from time to time. Among them, there are new energy buses from China. They have become the main traffic of this World Cup.

The Qatar World Cup proposed the concept of innovation, sustainable and low -carbon, and advocating everyone's green travel. Bus is undoubtedly the first choice.

In 2020, the Chinese company successfully won the Bidda World Cup service project for the production vehicle. In addition to subsequent orders, the cards imported 1,500 buses from China, including 888 pure electric buses. These buses assume the task of transporting fans, FIFA officials, and media reporters to the court.


"This is the first time that a large number of international sports events have introduced a large number of Chinese new energy buses. It is also the first time that pure electric bus has served as the World Cup. It can be said that China's new energy technology has been recognized by the world."

When driving in Qatar, it is necessary to withstand the test of hot and dry, strong wind and sand, and put forward strict requirements on the performance of the vehicle. Chinese companies have conducted a "tailor -made customization" full of wisdom

In response to the windy sand, the team worked hard on the entire vehicle and chassis protection. Not only for the lamps,mirrors,HC-B-1626also the motor of pure electric vehicles is equipped with a sand protection structure to improve the adaptation of the motor to potholes and sandy pavements to ensure the safety of the motor.

The power battery uses a liquid cooling system. In the operation and charging, the battery temperature can be controlled within the ideal range of no more than 45 degrees Celsius. ability.

The air conditioner inside the car adopts the intelligent temperature control algorithm, which can automatically detect and identify the temperature changes inside and outside the car, and dynamically adjust the air volume. Even if the outside of the car is hot, the inside of the car is still cool.


"Small noise and upper grade", people and fans who have taken the Chinese bus to evaluate.

After the World Cup, these "Made in China" pure electric bus will become an important part of Qatar Bus.

"Green sharing" may be like this.

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