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Bus Driver Seat Type

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    The hydraulic seat HC-B-16074and the pneumatic seatHC-B-16072 are very similar in appearance, and it is not easy to see the difference. However, there are differences in the principle of operation between the two, pneumatic chair is the use of pneumatic telescopic rod which is usually filled with high pressure nitrogen gas, through the volume of gas compression to achieve telescopic lift, and the hydraulic oil pressure hydraulic pump inside the chair is Incompressible, so the air pressure rises quickly and the hydraulic pressure rises slowly. Both chairs have a lever that can be used to raise and lower the seat. The difference is that the air pressure chair can be raised to the highest or lowest (faster) as long as the lever is raised, and the hydraulic chair is not Stop pressing the lever and press it to raise it a little. It takes several times before it reaches the maximum. In fact, the hydraulic pump is similar to the function of a small jack.


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