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Golden Dragon Bus 2017

Views:21     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-03      Origin:Site

As 2017 is coming to the end, the Golden Dragon Bus has successfully completed the 2017 "Voyage" of the year with the shipment of the Golden Dragon buses to Bolivia, Spain and Chile.

In 2017, king long Passenger Vehicle continued its deep plowing in overseas markets. Following the national strategy, King long Passenger Car flew over the Silk Road with its golden sails. Over the years, King long Bus exported over 8,000 buses of various types to over 80 countries and regions and wrote again Export business golden Chinese chapter.

Bustling along the way reproduction

In 2017, the export business of King long Bus in the countries along the "Belt and Road" continued to maintain its good momentum of development with large orders being kept:

During the Spring Festival of 2017, batch Golden Dragon buses departed for Saudi Arabia, accumulatively exported nearly 800 buses to Saudi Arabia throughout the year, becoming the Chinese bus brand with the largest number of buses exported to this market.

In the same year, more than 100 high-quality buses were exported to the United Arab Emirates belonging to the Gulf countries and maintained their leading position in this market.

In the Philippine market, after experiencing the explosive growth in 2016, it still maintained strong exports this year, and more than 200 buses were sold throughout the year.

While maintaining the advantages of traditional passenger car exports, this year king long Bus injected new vitality into the passenger car cooperation on the Belt and Road initiative and started the export of pure electric passenger cars.

International capacity-building cooperation is an important way and a major measure for jointly building the "One Belt, One Road". King long Bus has stepped up capacity-building cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road and has taken advantage of passenger car manufacturing. In Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, etc. Countries to establish assembly positions, to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation.

Golden new voyage wind again sail

BRICS cooperation and then sail, king long Bus and some countries also entered a new phase of cooperation. This year, king long Bus exports to Russia still remain in the forefront of the industry. In the vast land of Russia, as the most famous and prestigious group and tourist car brand in the area, thousands of king long buses serve ordinary people and tourists in the local area and are highly recognized by the local market.

In major events and other occasions, the same can see the Golden Dragon bus service figure, held in Russia this year, the Confederations Cup, the Golden Dragon shuttle between the various venues, transfer, including referees, staff and other VIPs, and then Once witnessed the king long Bus strength in the Russian market.

In the South American market, king long Bus continues to maintain its export advantages to countries such as Chile and Bolivia. Particularly worth mentioning is that the dragon remains in the Bolivia, the "king status", the export of light passenger 3246, for the fourth consecutive year occupy the local market segment champion. Since entering the market in 2012, the company has sold nearly 13,000 vehicles in Bolivia and won a good reputation.

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